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Daily Archives: September 4, 2020

Four Fun Things

Nerd alert, but whenever we plan a trip, my secret way of avoiding annoying logistics (do we take a train and then a ferry? wait, what about the bus?) is the website Rome2Rio. You put in point A and point B, and it tells you all

The Best Travel Shoes

What are your go-to travel shoes? Since they can be bulky and heavy to pack, and you want them to be as comfortable as possible for days of adventures, it always feels essential to bring the right pair. Here are three styles the Cup of

What’s Your Must-Pack Travel Item?

My last airplane trip was not without drama… I arrived at the airport nice and early. I always leave time — like, way too much time — to grab water, find a snack, and peruse the duty-free shops for shades of lipstick not available elsewhere,

How Cool Are These Cloud Eggs?

For breakfast, Toby and Anton usually eat cereal or toast, but to jazz it up, how rad are these cloud eggs? You whip up the egg whites, almost like a meringue. What a fun way to start the day! Here’s how to do it… Cloud EggsBy

A Perfect Snacking Cake

I’m not a huge baker, but that changes when the holidays come along… I mean, don’t get me wrong. I am a huge baked goods fan, I’m just more into cooking, a hobby that doesn’t require actual precision and punish you for omitting a single ingredient.

Five-Ingredient Dinner: Pesto Pizza With Fixins

For our five-ingredient dinners series, a reader named Christine loves this pesto pizza with corn, feta and arugula. “Not only is it super fast, but it also feels slightly ‘fancy’ when friends are over. My kids like it, too — although they may ask for the arugula

9 Rules for Better Salads

I know everyone goes all cuckoo for strawberries and rhubarb this time of year, but for me, spring is all about… …bushels of fresh, flavorful greens at the market. Nothing says “warm days are ahead” to me quite like a bite of properly dressed peppery

Taste Test: What’s the Best Pancake Mix?

I’ve been impressed with home cooks over the past few quarantined months. Look at all of them, whipping up a Dutch baby on a random Tuesday morning, or prepping batter after dinner for overnight yeasted waffles, or making sourdough pancakes using their very own starters! But

The Ultimate Crowdpleaser: Matar Paneer

“I have lost count of how many times I have made khichdi in quarantine,” Priya Krishna posted on Instagram in mid-April, and pretty soon after, we could say the same in our house. The vegetarian, pantry-friendly rice and mung bean dish became so universally loved, it was clear

Three No-Cook Summer Sauces

In the summer, not only do I want to minimize the time spent cooking in a hot kitchen… I also want to minimize the time spent thinking about cooking in a hot kitchen. This is why you can open my fridge any day between June and September