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A Genius Kids’ Book for Trips

Speaking of travel, my kids can sit still for about 1.6 seconds on a plane before they start crawling into our laps, chatting up our seat mates and heading on adventures down the aisles. But this book changed everything…

Go! My Adventure Journal encourages kids to write about their trips — what they packed, where they stayed, even fun questions to ask locals.

Seven-year-old Toby is totally into the book and wants to do it all the time, even at home. “I really like the questions,” Toby told me. “I would like to fill it out in a plane or car or rental house. I would fill it out in all of them!”

The journal even has badges that you earn for “trying a new food,” “helping a stranger,” “or “going with the flow.” (That last one makes my heart swell.) Isn’t it such a clever idea?