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Adele Isn’t Discussing Her Weight So Why Are We?

Even compliments send a powerful message about whose bodies we value. ast Wednesday pop superstar Adele posted a photo of herself in recognition of her 32nd birthday. Not a topic of the post? Adele’s weight loss. Her caption thanked fans for wishing her a happy birthday, and

Helpful Words From Wise People

How are you today? There have been so many moments lately where I am at a loss for words. (By which I mean, all the moments.) So, I figured, why not turn to the uplifting words of others? Here are 14 of my favorite quotes

11 Feel-Good Reader Comments

We’ve been on the lookout for all the pick-me-ups lately, from cheerful songs to what readers are wearing at home. So, without further ado, here are 11 comments on heartwarming moments… On a helping hand: “I went into labor early with my second child while my husband was

Have You Heard From Anyone Surprising Lately?

The other day, I got an email I could hardly believe… Actually, I’m getting ahead of myself. The text of the email was rather ordinary. It was the sender that blew me away. There, nestled in between promotions from every company I’ve come in contact

How I Feel Right Now as a Black Woman

Last week was the longest week of my life… As I sat on the couch paralyzed with anxiety, scrolling through photos of police officers with their guns pointed at children protesting with their parents, and pepper spraying non-violent protestors, a text came from my boyfriend’s

5 Things I Want to Tell My White Friends

Dear White Friends… When I first started getting all of your text messages and DMs and phone calls in the days after George Floyd’s death, I was incredibly touched, if also a little bit surprised. Each death or act of violence against a black person

What Songs Do You Find Comforting?

When I was in middle school, I was forbidden to listen to… …anything other than Christian music. Still, pop punk was having a moment, and because those tunes were forbidden, that made me want them all the more. Every day after school I’d take off

14 Great Reader Comments on Rituals

Do you have any personal rituals? Readers have commented with so many beloved traditions lately that we had to share a few. Here are 14 memorable ones (and let us know if you have any you’d like to add)… On making time: “I make a

‘Will I Be Single Forever?’ and Other Pressing Questions

We’re excited to kick off the first installment of our new relationship advice column. Today, we’re answering two reader questions about dating (and we’d love to hear your takes, as well)… Q. “Am I going to be single forever? I’m 30 and have been single for

What’s Your Venn Diagram Overlap?

Every night I like to scroll through Instagram, looking for anything I missed that day and the best Tik Tok compilations. One night on the couch, laughing my head off, I looked over at my boyfriend Steven and asked what he was reading about… Like