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Four Fun Things

The other day, we mistakenly bought chicken thighs (instead of chicken breasts), and it was such a happy accident! They were so full of flavor. Now I’m on the hunt for all the chicken thigh recipes — including lemonyoniony and panko-crusted. Any recommendations?

How pretty is this apartment? Love all the curves.

I’ve been daydreaming about summer dresses — anything other than the sweats I’m living in! I’m especially liking this floral number, this denim beauty and this red dress (since red always looks so good in photos).

Our friends grew this lush sidewalk garden in San Francisco. (Check out the before and after!!!) “The ecological impact was swift,” says Zach Klein. “We go to bed with the sound of crickets — crickets! — and wake up to a cacophony of finches, morning doves, and robins.”