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5 Things I Want to Tell My White Friends

Dear White Friends… When I first started getting all of your text messages and DMs and phone calls in the days after George Floyd’s death, I was incredibly touched, if also a little bit surprised. Each death or act of violence against a black person

What Songs Do You Find Comforting?

When I was in middle school, I was forbidden to listen to… …anything other than Christian music. Still, pop punk was having a moment, and because those tunes were forbidden, that made me want them all the more. Every day after school I’d take off

14 Great Reader Comments on Rituals

Do you have any personal rituals? Readers have commented with so many beloved traditions lately that we had to share a few. Here are 14 memorable ones (and let us know if you have any you’d like to add)… On making time: “I make a

What’s Your Venn Diagram Overlap?

Every night I like to scroll through Instagram, looking for anything I missed that day and the best Tik Tok compilations. One night on the couch, laughing my head off, I looked over at my boyfriend Steven and asked what he was reading about… Like

Have You Ever Been to Therapy?

Reader question: How did you decide that therapy was the right choice for you? Abruptly returning home to California has forced me to reflect on my life here before I left for school, and I find myself spiraling into self-loathing as I realize that I

A Veggie Burger for the Whole Family

We’ve talked about eating less meat and dairy. If you have a few New Year’s resolutions, and the one right before “save money” and right after “stop staring at my dumb phone all day,” is eat more plant-based meals… …we’re on the same page. This can be

What Women Say When Men Aren’t Around

Is it commonly accepted that women are smarter than men? Well, we here at Chrinkle aren’t going to attest to that. But one thing that we can attest to is that men can spend their whole lives trying to figure out the essence of a