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What Women Say When Men Aren’t Around

Is it commonly accepted that women are smarter than men? Well, we here at Chrinkle aren’t going to attest to that. But one thing that we can attest to is that men can spend their whole lives trying to figure out the essence of a woman; particularly what they are thinking. This is mainly because women are generally more filtered than men; leaving much to the imagination. Most women aren’t as forthcoming as men. They don’t usually blurt out what they are thinking or what they feel in the moment.

But did you know that when girls get together (without their counterparts around) their “ladylike” filters disappear and some pretty raw stuff gets said? It’s true. Women aren’t always polite, soft little angles. Sometimes we say and think things that aren’t particularly nice. Honest, but not nice.

Call it “Women’s Locker Room Talk.” The type of jeering and raw honesty that comes out of the male locker room. In it, you can learn about the things that women label as turn offs and deal breakers for men. If a man wants to catch the eye of a certain lady-friend, they would want to avoid doing these at all costs. These can be BIG THINGS that hamper how a woman sees you and whether or not she is and stays attracted to you.

Here are some conversation points that may go on in a women’s locker room. Take notes:

1.) (On a Man’s Posture) “You can honestly tell that guy is horrible in bed by the way he stands. He just looks weak and like you would have to do all the work.”

– This comment gives credence to the way a man carries himself. If a man has poor body language and doesn’t stand up for himself, he appears absent and shut off. To a woman, this translates to the bedroom. A man who lacks confidence also lack confidence between the sheets, and that’s no bueno!

2.) “What an idiot. If he just noticed how frazzled and nervous she was about moving into together and walked in and gave her a hug, she would be head over heels for him. Now she’s going to hate him.”

– This comment relates to paying special attention to a woman. Knowing her needs before she even tells you will get you major cool points.

3.) “If I walked into a guys apartment and saw gold bed cover and curtains, I would run out of there as fast as I could.”

– You don’t want to come across as a player, cheeseball or gross; and things like gold curtains and bed sheets scream that.

4.) “I would totally spend all night running my fingers through his beard. It is sooo sexy!”

– Note to self: grow your beard if if you can. Facial hair is a sign of dignity and strength. Women eat it up!

5.) “Now that was a good move!!!”

– Try making your first home cooked meal and prepare it for that special lady. When the meal is done, swoop her up in your arms and tell her that she’s coming with you. It’s time to get your reward!

And there you go.

Not quite the same as some of the lewd comments that may go on in a men’s locker room. Also, its not ground breaking stuff, but these little nit picky things send pretty BIG messages to women.